Welcome to the MountainsideEdit

The mountainside is home to four clans: Thornclan, Timberclan, Nightclan, and Shoreclan. These clans have lived peacefully for years. But when the leaders of Nightclan receive a mysterious prophecy from the stars, their peace is shaken. What terrors lurk in the dark corners of this idyllic mountain?

The Four Clans Edit

Nightclan: A clan of cats living on the steep side of the mountain. Known for their stealth and their ability to blend in with the shadows. Led by Moonstar.

Thornclan: A quick, lithe group of cats known for their agility and for the sharpness of their claws. Led by Cherrystar.

Timberclan: A clan of thick-furred cats that excel at climbing and weathering the harsh mountain winters. Led by Bristlestar.

Shoreclan: Sleek, water-loving cats that live on a mountainside lake. A collection of excellent swimmers and fishers. Led by Piperstar.

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